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Character design - Calusa people

During the disaster my characters wear clothes made of seaweed. Because seaweed is the only food during the high tide, they don't use it for fresh clothing. The seaweed of their clothes start to rot and stink and the plants turn into brown, ochre colours. The lady's dress is made of jute. The shoes are sponges, that grow around your food, like it does on a crab.

After the disaster, the fish have returned and there's plenty of food. The clothes look new and fresh with bright green colors. There's a ceremony to celebrate the return of the normal situation. For this special occasion, my characters wear special hats, made of shells.
I drew and painted my designs on paper in watercolor, later did some adjustments in photoshop for presentation.

Evi vanca evivanca calusa duringdisaster

Calusa people during disaster

Evi vanca evivanca calusa afterdisaster

Calusa people during ceremony