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Character design - master of ceremony

Here you see the evolution of my warrior character. (modelsheet, colourstudy and final character). He's the master of ceremony during the celebration of the end of the natural disaster. My warrior his body is covered with barnacles, like this is the case with whales. Did you know that barnacles protect the whales more against bites of orcas? Well I used this idea for the extra protection of my warrior. By the way, barnacles close when they are in a stress situation. This is especially the case during high tide. They also can be eaten by the calusa people.
But when there's plenty of food again, barnacles relax, open up and show their best colours.

In the last image you see my design for the prop 'uv - lightcane'. The idea comes from scientific research. Patterns on shells that disappeared during years, can be seen again by the use of uv-light. The idea is that during ceremony, the uv-cane of the master of ceremony makes the patterns on the shell-hats visible.

Evi vanca evivanca calusa warrior modelsheet

Modelsheet for master of ceremony

Evi vanca evivanca calusa warrior colourdesign

Colour study for master of ceremony + barnacles

Evi vanca evivanca calusaprop uvlight

Design for prop 'uv-source cane'.