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Game of fruits - Vehicle Bertil Bretel - Exterior

My main character Bertil Bretel, had to be able to film the birds in the tree, without disturbing them. Camouflaged as a sloth, this vehicle is able to climb in this enormous tree and approach the birds.
In the eyes of the sloth, there's a camera. A spotlight is hidden under the feathers/hair on the head.
Ornithologist Bertil Bretel sits in his cockpit in the middle. Now and then a real sloth disturbs his camera view.

Evi vanca evivanca vehicle finished

Bertil Bretel's custom-made vehicle - final painting

Evi vanca evivanca vehicle howitworks

Bertil Bretel's custom-made vehicle - How it works

Evi vanca evivanca vehicle brainstorming

Bertil Bretel's custom-made vehicle - brainstorming!