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Game of fruits - Vehicle - Interior

Bertil Bretel's vehicle. My main character Bertil will sit in his old leather driver's seat, looking on the display of his camera to film the unique bird species. As an ornithologist he collects feathers, pellets,.. that's why there are a lot of storage boxes. In the back, there's storage room for his birdiemachine:
When he's wating for a bird to appear, he reads and drinks coffee. One of his favourite books is H for Hawk, written by Helen Macdonald, about a woman who is trying to train a Hawk, to cope with the loss of her father.
The poster of Ladyhawke: A film from 1985 with Ruther Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer.
There are also some eastereggs in my painting.
- a picture of myself, once I had the chance to be part of a show with an owl (bubo bubo)
- tattoo of a bird on a booty like a Pirelli calendar :-)

Evivanca evivanca interieur vehicle

Bertil Bretel's vehicle - Interior