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Calusa Shell city - overview

Our assignment in February2017 as a student of concept art was to create concept art for a society that has to deal with a natural disaster. It's a disaster that returns every x number of years. My concept: the exoplanet Calusa is victim of heavy tides, caused by the arrival of a huge planet. The result: a tidal flood with heavy currents, no fish in the sea, no possibility to go into the water, ... The calusa's depend on the help of 'urchies'. They live in a city on rocks, made of the materials/shells they found during low tide. I found the name 'Calusa' during my research. They were the native American people of Florida's southwest coast, who used shells in their daily lives.

Evi vanca evivanca calusa panorama

Calusa Shell city overview, during low tide

Evi vanca evivanca calusa panoramaexpl

Calusa Shell city overview, during low tide, explanation of my setdesign.