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Game of fruits - Prop - Birdie machine

This" Birdiemachine" is property of my main character, ornithologist Bertil Bretel.
It's a birdcatching - analyzing machine for doing research. It works like a kind of jukebox, playing music to attract birds. Bertil Bretel bought the tropical version, so this device plays tropical hits (see the list). Once the birds are trapped, he can analyze them with the tools that are part of it: feather analyzer, check the composition of pellets, ring the birds and finally let them free again.

Evi vanca evivancabirdiemachine

Birdiemachine - final painting

Evi vanca evivancabirdiemachine designs

Birdiemachine - brainstorming

Evi vanca evivancabirdiemachine howitworks

Birdiemachine - How it works

Evi vanca evivanca birdiemachine jukeboxlist

Jukebox list of Bertil Bretel's birdiemachine